Oct18, 2014
Now I'm curious. What does Ire want to do to Anja?

He wants to walk into her dreams and give her some terrifyingly real nightmares, of course.

Oct18, 2014

Guys… Starbucks allows visible tattoos, nose piercings (small studs), untucked shirts, black denim, scarves, ear gauges, and doodles on our name tags as of October 20th.

Oct16, 2014
gellyh Asked:
I don't know Exvind well enough, but I guess he's already pretty corrupted. Even if he secretly isn't, he's probably going to head that way anyway if he keeps up whatever IT IS he's keeping up. Y'know? Sorta. Not sure how well he does with other people (especially children), but otherwise i'd say he could be steered to the "right" path by having to spend some time with a tiny little brat. Yeah.


Ah but what would keep him from making a scarf out of said tiny brat? 

What if it was his own spawn tiny brat?